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Hart Getzen photographs professional portraits for PR, promotion, and advertising.





As a commercial portrait photographer, I am motivated by the transformative power of portraits. My inspiration lies in the process of capturing the essence of each subject which conveys their unique personality and individuality.

Impactful portraits are essential for clients seeking to showcase their identity and values. That’s why I prioritize a collaborative approach, working closely with each client to understand their specific needs and goals. By exceeding expectations, I deliver purposeful and authentic portraits that truly capture the essence of the client's purpose through their expression and environment.

Let’s initiate a conversation about your portrait/branding campaign requirements, and together, we’ll create powerful and authentic images that vividly launch your story!










Hart Getzen professionally photographs portraits for publicity, PR, and advertising.


   "I am a highly focused photographer who delivers high quality images

    within budget. Just give me a call and I'll make it happen!"

- Hart Getzen

   "You are an artist! Thank you so much for you work."


   - Tim Page, Pulitzer Prize-winner, Music Criticism 


   "Thank you Hart, your media production and roadshow 

   added ten percent to the IMAX IPO valuation!"


   - Brad Wechsler, Chairman of the Board, 

   IMAX Corporation, at IPO launch with

   Goldman Sachs, New York


   "These  photographs are absolutely gorgeous!!!  The lighting, the soft hue, the beautiful

   finished look are so classic and elegant.  I'm blown away!!  Hart, you're a genius!  These are by far

    the best photos I've ever had. I'm absolutely thrilled with the images. They could not be more     beautiful and classic, with depth and elegance and something seemingly natural, effortless."

   - Bridget Hough, Pianist


   "My deepest appreciation to the amazing Hart Getzen

   for a truly magical set of new headshots!"

   I am soooooo grateful!


   - Anthony Parnther, Conductor

   Southeast Symphony

   "Drop dead gorgeous!"


   - Amy Andersson, Music Director

   Orchestra Modern NYC

   "Thank you so much for the beautiful photos you took.

   Honored to be on the other side of your lens!"


   - Timothy Loo, Cellist

   Lyris Quartet

        "I would like to thank you for the energy and skill that you put into the Intelliveision commercial         production. I have heard from all how much they enjoyed working with you, how they depended

     on you, and how they look forward to working with you again soon. I appreciate and admire

    your attention to detail and all that was involved."


   - Nancy Rushlow, Executive Producer

   Praxis Filmworks Commercials

      "Your quiet, consistent, and professional efforts gave a strong foundation to this very challenging         project. I would like to express our sincere appreciation for a job done well and professionally. You     certainly demonstrated to us that you can find a very fine balance between the creative and the    practical."


   - Whitmore B. Kelly, Chief Executive Officer

   Ridefilm Corporation

      "Thank you for everything, Hart. You are the cat's pajamas!"

   - Douglas Trumbull


"It was a pleasure working with you, Hart.

Thank you for thinking of me and bringing me into this project."

- Ray Bradbury


    Producing and photographic services provided for:

     So Cal Music Workshop

     IMAX Corporation

      Goldman Sachs  

     Universal Studios

     Caesars Forum

     Praxis Filmworks

     Zoetrope Studios

     Mandalay Resort Group

     Liberty Mutual Insurance

     Blue Cross Insurance

     The Trumbull Company

     20th Century Fox Studios

     McCall Coppola Productions

     Mainframe Entertainment

     Brooke A Wharton & Associates

     Film Effects of Hollywood

     Ridefilm Corporation

     Personal Talent Branding

     Public Counsel, Los Angeles

    Hitachi, Tokyo

    Dentsu, Tokyo



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