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Fine Art Print Production

A highly experienced and collaborative team led by Katherine Brimberry enables visiting printmakers to realize their vision at Flatbed Press Center for Contemporary Printmaking in Austin, Texas.

Serial Portraiture

Serial portraiture reveals unique subtleties of a subject's expertise, passion, and performance. 

Here is a working portrait series of Lisa Clover of Fat Belly Pretzels of Austin.

Photogravure Prints

Photogravures are limited edition intaglio prints, photographic images etched into plates and printed onto archival museum-grade paper. Our photogravures can last hundreds of years longer than digitally

printed inkjet prints, creating a sense of bespoke authenticity for special applications or events.

Chine Colle is a process of further refinement: Printing the image on thin colored tissue covering the etching plate, rendering a colored background embedded in the paper, beneath the ink.

Examples of Ink Choices and the Chine Colle Technique

Views from the World Trade Center

This series, in the collection of the New York Historical Society Museum,

was photographed from the South Tower 107th floor Observation Deck.